Why not? …. Here are at least five reasons why it could be the nicest creative project you ever undertake…

One – what nicer way to choose which engagement ring you want than by picking out lots of different design elements that you really like and then trying to find a way (with the help of a skilled designer) of putting them all together to get you exactly what you want to wear for the rest of your life?

Two – isn’t it a romantic ‘project’ to do with your fianc├®e / fianc├®e to be?!

Three – more seriously now, you may really have a particular style that is all your own and for which you feel the traditional solitaire or modern trilogy or whatever simply doesn’t work. This is the perfect way of being able to have just the size, shape and style of diamonds and metal that will be put together to complement you.

Four – you may be a strong individual who really cherishes ‘uniqueness’. This is your way of continuing that. Your finger, your diamond engagement ring, all you.

Five – with us, thediamondringcompany.com, it won’t cost you an arm and a leg more to get what you really want. Speak to Michael or Matt and see how you feel.

Have a think, and browse through a few things that others have had done to date. Visit our bespoke design gallery to see some of our latest creations!

Enjoy getting creative for your dream ring!