Oval Engagement Rings
Hatton Garden

Oval Engagement Rings
Hatton Garden

Finding your Oval Diamond Engagement Ring in Hatton Garden

Shopping for a diamond oval engagement ring can be quite an overbearing experience, especially when you're shopping for an engagement ring in Hatton Garden. Over the past four to five years, we have seen a large increase in requests for ovals due to their popularity through social media platforms.

One of the reasons that the oval cut is such a popular choice is due to the fact that it boasts a sparkle that is similar to the round brilliant cuts, but allows you to have a more elongated shape so that It looks bigger on the finger when set in the ring. You essentially end up with more diamond for your money when looking at it from an aesthetic perspective. That means that when buying an oval cut diamond for a similar carat weight to a round diamond, you end up with what looks like a bigger diamond with a fantastic sparkle.

Considerations when shopping for a Diamond Cut Oval

When shopping for a diamond oval cut engagement ring in Hatton Garden, there are a number of things to consider. Something you might come across during your research is the commonly mentioned oval bow tie. All ovals have bow ties, some are more visible than others, but ultimately it's something that's always going to be within the oval. However, the visibility of the bow tie within the oval is something that you have a say over.

The Diamond Oval Cut Bow Tie

What causes a bow tie in a diamond oval cut stone? Well, the main thing that causes bow ties in an oval cuts diamond is the width facets being shorter than the length facets. This means that the light will refract through the stone in a way that will make the star and bezel facets (facets in the middle of the stone from a birds-eye view)  darker on each side of the stone that kind of resembles a bow tie. For many people, this would be a reason not to opt for a  diamond oval cut stone. However, it's completely subjective. If you don't mind the look of the bow tie, then that's totally up to you. There is no right diamond to go for. I suppose it's more a case of finding the right diamond for you and something that you are happy with.

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Is there a perfect Oval Cut Ratio?

Speaking of subjective choices, another preference that people might have when it comes to ovals is the actual shape of the oval. Now, as mentioned before, you do end up with elongated styles compared to round cut stone, but how elongated is once again something that becomes a personal preference. A lot of people who are shopping for an oval dimaond ring in hatton like to pick a specific ratio for an oval diamond, and that ratio may be between 1.35 to 1.50.

Diamonds that fall within this range quite often seem to be the most popular shape due to the fact they follow the more traditional look of an oval and display and nice spred of width and lentgh. Some ovals can be quite short and wide, others can be quite long and thin. However, once again, it must be known that this is completely subjective. Some people would prefer a long thin oval for more coverage of the finger and some people would prefer the oval to be quite short and wide which is a little closer to the round cut brilliant shape. The decision is ultimately up to you. I would advise looking at your diamond cut oval in person in order to make a considered decision.

Oval Cut Diamond Ratio shapes 1.3 - 1.45 - 1.6 example

Oval Cut Diamond

Choosing the Right Oval Cut Diamond for you!

Something to really be aware of when looking for an oval cut diamond is the fact that, it's one of the fancy shape diamonds. Now, fancy shape or fancy cut diamonds do not have a specific cut grade especially when you are purchasing a GIA certified diamond.

Many jewellers or sales advisors tell you that the oval is an excellent cut or provide their customers withe a cut grade in the same way we that you would grade a round brilliant cut. Due to the fact that the oval is subjective in terms of preference, there is no cut grade given from GIA.

What to look out for when shopping for an Oval Cut Engagement Ring In Hatton Garden

The reason the "oval cut grade" is something you want to look out for when considering your purchase is due to the potential overpricing. If a jeweller is to label an oval as an excellent cut, the chances are they're going to use this as a USP for the diamond being slightly more costly than than it should be, especially if you are shopping for an oval engagement ring in Hatton Garden. However, the price of a diamond is dictated by its metrics found on the GIA certificate (popularity will play a part in this). The cut grade shouldn't be a price indicator with ovals because there is no such thing as an excellent cut oval due to the fact that the preference for the ovals are subjective and some people would prefer a longer or thinner or shorter thicker style oval cut diamond.

When it comes to round-cut brilliant diamonds, excellent cut grade is something that has to be taken into consideration because this will have an impact on the facet arrangement and the sparkle. You might not want a tall, long, thin round cut oval with a small table from the top view and very long pavilion facets (bellow of the stone). The reasons for this are (1. The sparkle is unlikely to be maintained. 2.) You won't be able to see a lot of the stone that you paid for once it set in the ring. This doesn't always count for ovals because ovals come in all different shapes and sizes.

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