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Diamond Band Engagement Rings Hatton Garden

Diamond Band Engagement Rings in Hatton Garden

If you're searching for a diamond engagement in Hatton Garden and looking for an extra little bit of sparkle, why not consider the diamond band engagement ring? What makes diamond band engagement rings so special is the way that additional diamonds that are usually set in the band complement the main centre stone by adding a touch of elegance to the ring design. Here at The Diamond Ring Company, we ensure that whatever centre stone you choose, we will match and fill the diamond band with the same quality diamonds (colour and clarity).

One of the most compelling reasons to choose a diamond band could be to reduce the amount of visual metal that appears within the ring when on the finger. A ring band wider than 2mm can potentially look a little thick or wide depending on the type and size of the centre stone you choose, so adding some microset or pave set diamonds can add a touch of sparkle to the side of the band. This will make the band look a little more elegant without needing to reduce the thickness of the engagement ring band.


Diamond Pave Engagement ring picture

Popular Pavé Diamond Band Engagement Ring Styles

Different Types of Diamond Band Engagement Rings


The Microset Diamond Band Engagement Ring

Probably the most popular of the diamond band styles. This elegant diamond band setting allows for maximum coverage and sparkle. Small diamonds are set under the microscope and held in claws. The reason this style is the most popular is due to the fact that the microset diamonds take up the full width of the band to reduce the amount of visible metal and increase the visible sparkle of the diamond band.

The Pavé Diamond Band Engagement Ring

Similar to the Microset diamond setting, the pavé (French for path) is set under the microscope and held in claws. The noticeable difference compared to the microsetting is due to the paths or borders along the outside of the band.

The Channel Set Diamond Band Engagement Ring

The channel setting is most commonly used with eternity bands and has a slightly unique look to it. It gives the illusion of the stones being held in place by being placed back to back instead of being held by claws. To make the channel setting, a pathway is carved out of the band itself and the stones are set next to each other and are held in place by grooves.

Microset Diamond Ring Example

Pavé Set Diamond ring Example

Channel Set Diamond Ring Example

Choosing you Diamond Band Engagement in Hatton Garden?

These diamond elements are not limited to the band itself. These could also be used as a diamond halo. There are some minor drawbacks to opting for a diamond band. Crafting the band is a little bit more labor-intensive. You also have to consider the upkeep of the diamonds itself, especially when maintaining clean well-looked after diamonds.

Diamond bands aren't limited to a set diamond cut. You can opt for a variation of cut styles within the band. Please note, additional diamonds within your band will have an impact on the price.

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