You might fancy…A traditional engagement ring.

Here’s the first of a trio on engagement rings. And why not, there’s a lot to choose from nowadays! But, let’s begin at the beginning -where style and type are concerned.

The most commonly seen and probably best known style of this ring is the solitaire. This is simply a single stone ring. The archetype of this ring was introduced by a very well known American jewellery house in 1886 and consisted of a six claw mount just like our Alicia design. The stone was a round brilliant cut diamond.

As with the above, the four and six claw are the ones you’ll typically see now. Then there’s the smoother version which has a bezel/rub over setting ( ie. the metal goes all the way round the stone in a single smooth band). Some say more practical. Check our our Serenade design as an example of a rubover setting.

Nowadays, perhaps the most important starting point for considering what style of solitaire setting is which cut of stone. That is a big but fun question. Do round, angular, teardrop or other shapes appeal to you most? Are you a brilliant, princess or marquise girl ?

Examples of all right here….. Bottom line with this style though is that its simplicity makes it a very safe bet when considering that it will be on your finger for the rest of your life!