Yes, yes, I hear you. It’s the New Year and you’re ‘broke’. Well, probably because you spent most of your money on treating others. So, my thinking is, why not have a think about what you might really want, especially of it didn’t come your way at Christmas.

No time like the (near) present to start saving for something you really want. So, what will it be? A diamond solitaire pendant? A pair of diamond earrings you’ve always admired on others? A diamond ring even? (No, I won’t mention any ‘right hand rings’ but yes, that is where I’m headed with that one).

Here are some of my favourites, if you haven’t seen them already. And as in the photos below, remember, they all come in white, yellow and red gold, each of which can give an item a very different look and feel.

Here goes:


And of course, if you think 2013 might be the big year, then there’s no greater sentimental female fun to be had than researching one’s diamond engagement ring! Solitaire, trilogy or eternity. We’ve got them all. Have a look.

Most importantly Happy New Year and all the best ( diamond shopping 😉 for 2013.