You might fancy…classic diamond pendant

Ah..the simplicity and practicality of the classic diamond pendant..why would you not want one? This has to be part of any well dressed girl’s staple jewellery kit! You may like the really classic look as with our Blanca or Ella round, or a more modern and sleek looking style as with the Lucia round.Either way, you need one. Full stop.

From the elegant (or smart office) look where the lovely single diamond is nestled between a strong tailored shirt collar, or dangling rather nonchalantly above the round rib of a summer tank top…what else is as versatile? Yet, if the diamond is nice (doesn’t even need to be fantastic), the gold high grade and the workmanship great, then even the untrained eye will know immediately that you are wearing a diamond.

Obviously anything from a half carat up really gets noticed. You can even match the stone in your diamond engagement ring. What effect you want is up to you but when it comes to a lovely classic diamond pendant, certainly with us, you don’t have to have a huge budget to get your first.