Why? Well, quite a few reasons really…

  • You think the eternity style is such a beautiful classic style that you know you will be very happy with it as your engagement ring.
  • You don’t want to wait for the ‘Million year anniversary’ to get one!
  • You may not be into stacking so the whole engagement solitaire, wedding ring, eventual eternity may not be your thing and you’d rather have the eternity diamond ring rather than the solitaire.
  • You want something a bit different and since there is a lot of choice these days, the eternity, either half (diamonds on top part of ring only) or full (diamonds all around the ring) may be just right for your taste, your fingers, lifestyle.


I could go on, but that’s enough… Just bear in mind that there is a difference between the half and full eternity rings in terms of how they sit and how they feel on the finger. Best pop down and Michael can help you look through all the eternity styles and you can then go from there.

Don’t miss the Jemma — with either brilliant or princess diamonds. It’s even a ‘practical’ full eternity thanks to the smooth channel setting of the diamonds. Looks very special in red gold or a great classic choice in the white or yellow golds. One of my favourites! The five stone Simone Round is such a ‘clean’ and modern take on a claw set half eternity. A very nice option in all the golds.

May you find your eternity and eternally love wearing it!