You might fancy… An engagement ring with a difference

Ok, we did the classic solitaire engagement ring options last week so here now starts the first of two posts on something that bit ‘more’ to consider…

This week it’s about that little bit more, and next week you’ll see how to make it a lot more..

The diamond engagement rings all start with the basic solitaire type idea…then they just get that bit more elaborate, complicated and in many cases beautiful.

So, let’s look at what we can do with the shoulders. Yes, not yours, but the part of the metal band that comes off the single diamond. In a solitaire, you just have the diamond and then the simple metal band. Well, how about adding a few diamonds that trail away from the central stone?

The Desiree is really a lovely example of a classic solitaire style four claw central stone but then with the shoulder diamonds that turn it into something that bit more eye catching. Why not have two shoulders on each side of the stone ( yes, more diamonds, obviously).. The Alana Round is quite gorgeous and starts to become more of a statement ring. And of course, you can have the diamonds going quite far down, like the Medee Round. You kind of end up with a cross between a solitaire and an eternity band.

The question is simply whether you want that bit more ‘going on’ in your special diamond ring.  Why not I say!