If you are reading this, chances are you are on our site at the Diamond Ring Company, either checking out styles or prices….If it’s the former, then I hope the points below help. If it’s the latter, then you probably do know what you want but read on anyway for confirmation!

The world of engagement rings can be pretty much split into four categories as I have come to learn..the simple solitaires…the embellished solitaires…the trilogies and the eternities… I am sure there are at least ten sub categories that we could divide into but let us stick with these for the moment as they tend to suit a particular set of criteria that the eventual wearer has in mind.

The Solitaires… These are the ‘can’t go wrong’ style, as well as some of the simpler embellished ones, to be fair. Whether you are a jewellery lover or simply want your diamond engagement ring to be your one statement piece that you always wear, this style could be the one for you. Also, if you have your heart set on getting a simple ‘rock’, then of course all your budget should go on just the one big stone, rather than a few. In terms of style,well, nowadays classic (italics) does not need to mean boring. There are some great styles out there ( dare I suggest on the DRC site too, take a look!). There are very bold and thick styles for the lady that doesn’t want anything too delicate and then there are the very dainty and feminine styles too.

Wow, the lady who usually ‘outsizes’ everything went for a very very classic solitaire!

The embellished solitaires: moving on to these….. I am referring to the rings that have one main central stone but with small accent diamonds either all around this one stone ( a classic too, think Kate M’s Diana sapphire ring but of course somewhat smaller for the ordinary human being)… or other alternatives such as a double row around the central stone or down the arms of the ring – a brilliant option if you want just that bit more going on and plan to have a simple wedding band with no stones in that. That way, you get just that bit more ‘something’ without taking anything away from that beautiful central stone. This style is for the lady that knows she wants more of a classic solitaire ring but wants a small twist on that simplicity and may like just that bit more sparkle as she moves her hands about each day.

Stunning take on the embellished solitaire with a central yellow diamond…

The Trilogies : Ah, a favourite of us ladies who like rather a bit more happening on our engagement ring hand! As the name implies, there will be three stones in a row sitting across your finger. Yes, we’ve all seen some horrible old dull ones but nowadays, you can really have some fun getting the right style and stone types for your trilogy. A marquise shaped diamond makes a gorgeous central stone…why not opt for a bit of colour? Mine happens to be a Tanzanite flanked by two gorgeous little diamond Trilliants. Anyway, the point is, if you really want a fine jewellery piece that happens to be your engagement ring, this is a good style to consider.

A rather amazing trilogy from Eva..

The Eternities: There are the half eternities and full eternities. If you want diamonds all around your engagement ring finger and really want to feel a bit of weight, the full one is for you. You can go seriously upmarket but still somewhat understated if you opt for baguette diamonds ( long rectangular shaped) in your ring. Understated?- yes. Baguettes are the cut with the least sparkle but amazing lustre. ie. you’ll go blind looking at your ring in bright light but you won’t get all those colour and fire flashes going on! The half eternity is perfect for the lady who loves the wedding band more than the engagement ring and wants something to sit flush and simple up against it. A friend of mine made just that comment the other week. ” I want some diamonds but nothing that takes away from the shape of the wedding band. I think the eternity could work for me”….

And my absolute celebrity favourite. The gorgeous twist on the eternity a la Jolie!