Most people would instinctively say ‘what thought?, it’s just a simple band right?’..Hmm, not quite, certainly not any more.

So, yes, the average ‘soon to be engaged’ couples are aware that the engagement ring  will need at least a little work,if not a whole few months of trying and testing. However, they may then be surprised to be presented with yet more choice once the time comes to get the bands that they will both (in italics) wear, hopefully for the rest of their lives.

Is it ok for the bride and groom to wear different rings so that her ring can match the engagement ring better than a normal band?… Is it ok for a man to wear a bi-colour band if that is what she really has her heart set on?… Can they have the same band but hers be dotted with little diamonds?..and there’s more… yep.

Let’s however break it down into bite size important points.

    1. (1) We live in an era where pretty much anything goes as long as you have a good reason for it to be that way
    1. (2) What men can and can’t wear as a wedding band is quite frankly only a matter for him (in italics) to decide i.e. what will he feel comfortable wearing day in and day out? what suits his style and personality? This is where, I believe, the man really gets a big say, to be fair!
  1. (3) If you’re still not sure by the time the day comes, then go for the simplest option. ie. simple bands that match the colour of her engagement ring metal. Wear them for a while and who knows, that may be just the thing, or, you/she in particular, may realise that her ring actually does need a bit of livening up.

An example of (1) which is widely accepted is that the bride and groom have the same type of wedding band material and style e.g. a D shaped, slightly domed band, but hers has a slight outward curve to allow for the diamond engagement ring to sit nicely nestled against the band with no space in between.

I sometimes throw in the old ‘let’s see what the celebrities are wearing’ not because they are correctly representative of what the ordinary human being can afford but often they do have access to designers,advisor’s and jewellers etc. Who may create some really beautiful things that we can pick up ideas from. The large and garish examples need not feature!

In this case, as suggested in (3), one of the most respected modern day queens of style and fashion choose the very very simplest of bands to go with her feast of diamonds of an engagement ring.

Hardly visible under and next to that rather large rock, Gisele has opted fpr what looks like a micro pave set diamond wedding band. I guess she went for a small row of diamonds because a plain band would really have disappeared under that ring. So,as you can see, it is quite understated and doesn’t at all compete…but is still ‘there’.

Finally,here is a perfect example of many of the considerations mentioned and shoes how a celebrity couple (Stephen Meyer and Ana Paquin) decided that her diamond engagement ring would need a perfectly and creatively matched wedding band, whereas he would clearly be happier with a classic, although somewhat wide, wedding band.

I finish as I started.. It seems that anything goes nowadays, just make sure it’s obvious why!