So, that being said, have you been dropping all the right hints ladies? Let’s face it, there is nothing worse than a lot of good will, intention and meaning etc that really has no pleasurable result in the end, is there? Unless you just happen to be super easy going and more romantic than practical, most of us (I think) would rather give a little help and get a pressie that they really want.

If we are talking a few hundred pounds or more, then learning the art of subtle, or sledgehammer style hint dropping is essential so that a Merry Christmas may be had by all! Now, are you any good at that or would you rather just take the disappointment or hope for the best?

Consider these:

“I am just in love with those gooooorgeous diamond studs that I have to walk past every morning to work. I think I’ll start putting aside a bit of money every week and get them in a few months”= very subtle.

“In case you’re having a bit of trouble getting through your Xmas lists, I could give you a hand and give you a few hints along the way about what sort of things are on my wish list” (This should be done with a cute smile) = Not too subtle, not too overt.

“Any chance we could go and get my Xmas pressie together this year my love? There is something I just have to have and I know how much you like to get my gifts just right, (Big Smile) just thought we might make a fun afternoon out of it, What do you think?” = Not quite a sledgehammer but he really got much choice has he?

It’s always more difficult to ask for things when you know your partner would probably never have thought of them but hey, that’s why you need to. I’m easy, it’s nice jewellery ad nauseum! Well, I am a Gemmologist, and love all coloured stones, diamonds included, so I’m easy to get for, but hubby often still needs a gentle hand.

Whether it’s another diamond ring, pendant or pair of diamond earrings with other stones involved, it’s pretty much always going to be something along those lines. What? I hear you cry, a diamond ring as a ‘normal’ present. Sure! All you have to do is take a quick look at all the gorgeous rings on The Diamond Ring Company site and you’ll understand why. ‘I couldn’t possibly ask!’ Sure you can. But you don’t have to remember… just hints… Good luck.