How does one choose which shape diamond to buy for their engagement ring? Diamond is the hardest substance known to man and can be cut in any shape imaginable. Round, Princess, Cushion, Pear, Emerald, Marquise…the list goes on, however their sparkle differs between each cut giving you an easier choice to what you think suits your finger better.

Round Cut (aka Brilliant)
Aka brilliant cut, sparkles more than any other diamond simply because it has 58 facets (sides) to the diamond. A diamond sparkles by the light reflecting off the facets, so the more facets one has the more sparkle it will give off.

Princess Cut
Cut into the shape of a square and whilst it only has 52 facets to the diamond, it still sparkles almost like a Round Diamond and still remains a fans favourite for engagement rings.

Emerald Cut

Whilst they may only have 17 facets to them, they will always remain a classic in diamond engagement rings for generations to come.

Pear Cut

Teardrop shaped and whilst more popular in earrings and pendants, they are slow becoming more popular in engagement rings, especially trilogy diamond rings.

Marquise Cut

Lip shaped and according to popular legend, King Louis XV made it to resemble his wife’s mouth. Exquisite and rare but truly magnificent in a ring.

Cushion Cut

A square shaped diamond with rounded edges resembling a pillow shape. Has 58 facets and in the early 1800’s was considered the most popular shape of diamond.

Assher Cut
Created by Joseph Asscher in the early 1900’s, and has fast become an admired cut of diamond with the diamond shaped like a round, but sparkling eloquently like an emerald cut.

Oval Cut
Elongated Rounds which are perfect for trilogy engagement rings and vintage designer rings.

Radiant Cut
Rectangle in shape with rounded corners to give the cut an extra dimension. Coloured radiant’s diamonds are certainly a speciality.

Heart Cut
Surprisingly low in demand, but delicate and a truly special and thoughtful gift especially in a diamond engagement ring with diamond shoulders.