Well, it would be quite remiss of us at the Diamond Ring Company not to also extend many congratulations to the Royal Couple and their new bundle of joy, whose face we have yet to see fully, although the initial ones really do show him to be just a normal small scrunched up sweet little being. Welcome little Prince George!

Will it be in Hello magazine or elsewhere where we get, literally, the full picture? Who has the exclusive on that?…
But hey, that’s not the point.. What I really want to know is will Kate be getting a Push Present??? And I am not talking about that 10M house in the Caribbean that was mentioned some months ago. I mean the kind you can wear. If yes, my bet is on an eternity ring which would be diamond- sapphire-diamond-sapphire etc.

That would be highly appropriate for a number of reasons. Firstly, well, she deserves a nice ring considering how much she continues to do in terms of positive image for the royal family as a whole and hey, this is just the latest in a long line of things but this is of course a biggie. She just gave birth!

Secondly, erm, Wills can certainly afford it and with no shortage of amazing jewellers that tend to all royal needs, he should have no problem finding something.

Third, I haven’t noticed that she wears all that much in the way of rings but perhaps I’ve just missed it so she needs something nice on her right hand to balance that blue rock she has on her left hand, yes, the famous Diana engagement ring, you know the one very well… Finally, well, is it not the done thing nowadays?

What makes a lovely push present?

Let’s consider that… and then, what makes a lovely push present…
Philisophical moment should a woman be given a gift for going through what she was biologically put on the planet to do. Sure! We have all ( well, most of us) moved on from the Neanderthal period so why not give a little something to your loved one to commemorate an amazing moment.

I for one associate special memories with every piece I own, so I know what a present connected to the birth of one of my children means to me. Is it yet again a material moment that ties in with so much that is negative about today’s society? Yes and no…you be the judge. I say no, as long as it is done out of joy and love and not because the new daddy feels he has to. The vibe and aura is all wrong then…
So, what to give then? Ahhh…the world is literally the giver’s oyster in this case. There tend to be two things often given. Eternity rings and pendants. Check out the necklace with double pendant that Nick Cannon gave Mariah Carey when she had their twins Monroe and Moroccan! $12,000 worth of diamond and pink sapphire…. So, back to the real world… Rings and pendants are both great but there is nothing stopping the daddy from giving a small pair of diamond studs for example or in fact anything that he knows his partner has perhaps wanted for a while. Hey, push the boat out if you can! Give her the nicest of all the birthday presents you have ever given her… She has just been through your child’s birth-day!