There are few tasks more brain-frazzling than planning a wedding with everything from the flowers to the colour of the bridesmaids dresses to think about, you might begin to question whether cementing your commitment to the woman you love is worth all this trouble. However, the good news is that the bride will take care of most of it. This is the day she’s been thinking about since she was little, and she’s not going to get you involved to mess it all up now. You will need to sort yourself out, though.

While the bride will do a lot of the planning and will discuss some of the following with you, they are things that you will have to sort out. Fortunately, the internet has you covered with hundreds of online resources that grooms can take advantage of in preparation for their big day.

Getting The Right Look

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The colour and the style of the suit may well be dictated by the bride, but the specifics need to be handled by you. When buying any piece of clothing, fit is king, and a bespoke, made-to-measure suit will guarantee you’ll look your best on the day. They’re at the more expensive end of the spectrum, but if you’re a stickler for detail then it’s worth the extra money to specify the material used and the number of buttons on the jacket. A Suit That Fitsis one of the best non-Savile Row bespoke tailors in the country, and their bespoke wedding suit service will ensure that you (and your best man and ushers if you take advantage of their packages) are more than a match for the bride on the day.

The Perfect Speech

Speeches for Grooms


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The most nerve-racking part of the day as far as you’re concerned (apart from saying I do!) will be making your speech, during which youre supposed to praise your wife, your parents, your wife’s parents, the maid of honour, the best man, the bridesmaids and the ushers in a manner that’s both witty and sincere. Neither of these things might come naturally to you, so you’ll need help. Hitched covers a great deal of the minutiae of wedding planning, but it has hundreds of real example speeches sent in by users that run the gamut from brilliant to terrible, so you should be able to gain enough inspiration to write yours. Remember to make it genuine and relevant to you rather than taking an existing speech and changing the names, though that’s where the real magic comes from in a speech.

The Right Music

Getting the Wedding Music Right

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You might have to concede the first dance song, but you can have plenty of input into the playlist for the rest of the night. Whether you want the cheesiest dancefloor fillers or the hardest hitting beats you can get your hands on, you can ensure that the party portion of the evening rounds your wedding off perfectly. For wedding-themed tracks (if you’re that way inclined), head to Wedding Wire, which has thousands of song options to soundtrack every part of the day, from the prelude to the last dance.

The Transport

Wedding Transport for Grooms

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The transport that will take you to and from the reception is definitely something the groom can take care of. There are more options than ever as far as your wedding transport is concerned, although the classic Rolls Royce is still popular. Some people even charter helicopters to airlift them to the reception, though the traditional cans tied to the exhaust might not have the same sort of effect that they do when they’re tied to a car. Have a look at The Knotfor inspiration with more or less anything available for wedding hire, you can choose something that perfectly encapsulates your relationship.

Best man & usher gifts

Ideal Gifts for the Best man and Ushers

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Even though you’ve asked your closest friends to be your best man and ushers and it should be a huge honour for them, it’s always best to get them something to say thank you for performing so well (hopefully) on the day. You don’t have to break the bank, but something with a personal touch is always nice because it shows you’ve made the same sort of effort for them as they’ve made for you. Getting Personal has a range of gifts that can be personalised and engraved with the message of your choice and, with an emphasis on alcohol throughout the range, you should be able to find something suitable.