Hello again, I’m back and I’ll kick off with this month’s piece. It’s the Alicia Round, part of our Classic Engagement rings set. It would appear that you rather like it. From what I can see, some of you out there have already spent quite a bit of time considering it. No surprise. Let me guess why…

The details- Well, the Alicia round really is a classic engagement ring. As you see below, a single diamond her quite high with a crown like set of claws. Six claws. This crown like setting is held by a band, 2.2mm wide by 1.5mm high, with that great modern knife edge design look to it.

We love the Alicia Round because- hmm, I’ll guess why so many of you do actually…. You can really make a statement with the diamond because of the simplicity of the ring overall. Yet, since there are six rather than four claws, it isn’t just your run of the mill solitaire…and the crown like setting harks back a bit to quite some decades ago, so there is definitely a bit of ‘style’ to it…and, as mentioned, the knife edge, much liked by many of the big jewellery houses adds a modern and sleek note…what more can I say? For any of you gents looking at this one, I’m guessing you think that you can’t go wrong. Something like that?

As I often say, the look of the ring is quite different depending on the colour of gold you choose, so look well online and then do come in to the DRC appointment room and have a play yourself if you want. You know by now where we are – Hatton Garden.

alicia round gold alicia round white gold alicia round red gold