As mentioned last month, here is the second in a set of monthly blogs that are a shameless brag about how lovely some of our pieces are!

This first March one is a channel set eternity ring… Called Chloe.

She was mentioned in the ‘eternity ring as engagement ring’ post In Feb. Well, quite so, this is a very versatile ring in terms of what it can be used for…your nice 7 stone diamond engagement ring, an everyday ‘right hand ring’ (or obviously left, if you wear your wedding ring on our right hand), your special diamond ring that comes out to play for cocktails etc…

The details

As you can see below, there are 7 diamonds, channel set into this half eternity. You can either have it with brilliant cut or princess cut — round and square, respectively — diamonds. You get quite a different look from each. And, in whichever of the three golds, or platinum, you like best. Again, quite a different feel with each colour.

We love this because

At the smaller end (using 0.5 or 0.75) carat of diamonds in total, you have an unusually shaped, everyday wearable half eternity. Yet, the thickness of the sides and rounded top half give the whole look some heft. This eternity will not get lost on the finger.

And going a step further, you could end up with a real “wow” ring if you opted for the upper end of the carat weight range. With 1.25 or 1.5 carats of stone, Chloe could gracefully take a bow amongst some fellow cocktail rings!
Now, at just over 1500 for this latter size group, you really can’t get better value for fine jewellery.

chloe round eternity ring white gold   chloe round eternity ring red gold   chloe round eternity ring yellow gold