Ah yes, the sun has indeed been out, finally, for a number of weeks! Many of you may still be about to go off on your main summer break…or you may simply be popping off for a short break to get some sun within a very nice resort… even just down to Brighton..

Amongst all the other important packing considerations – which sun lotions, where are those coordinated and highly mix and matchable wardrobe basics, high heels or not- a big one stands out and has become a rather hot topic in fashion over the last few years… Will you be taking a bag full of jewellery, costume, cheap and cheerful or serious stuff, with you to throw on with your pareo/swimsuit/poolside kaftan???

Nowadays, the beach accessory doesn’t just stop at jewellery!

Check out these crochet sandals… i.e. you can literally accessorize from head to toe if you wish…

hmmm, perhaps that’s going a bit far for my liking but hey, whatever you like works for you.

My interest is in the good old stuff that goes round your neck, on your ears, wrists etc…

So, let’s see what some celebs are doing…

Mel B, thank you PopSugar celeb site –
Miss Ecclestone seems to favour throwing on serious bling altogether  apparently the earrings are 50k diamond studs and the bangles around 25k, plus the big Rolex of course!
Generally however, having scoured a number of celeb photo sites, the following seems to apply:

  • The more pregnant, the more the accessories…
  • A nice big watch is the key piece worn by men and women in and around the water
  • The diamond engagement ring plus wedding band are fairly visible although I guess in some cases they need to come off when bathing lest they cause a tsunami through the ripple effect
  • Hoop earrings are very popular
  • A nice pendant either matched with a classic pair of (in some cases rather large) diamond studs work very well. They add a really nice touch to any bikini or swimsuit look.

As for normal human beings, having recently been by a nice pool whilst away, I can certainly confirm that the current big watch trend is on ‘poolside’, as well as the earrings (often danglies) and certainly the necklace are clear favourites… Ah, not to mention the multiple layers of ‘friendship bracelets’…

So, there you have it, what will you be donning?