One of the biggest natural yellow diamonds in the world went on sale in September 2011 as the owners, United States Marshals Service were forced to sell the rock. The online auction took place on Bid 4 Assets on September 6th and ran for two days with a total of 16 bids placed.

The beast named Golden Eye, weighing 43.51cts is a cushion modified brilliant cut that is internally flawless. It is also deemed to be fancy intense yellow in colour.

The minimum bid for Golden Eye was $900,000 and was eventually sold for to a private bidder who runs by the online name of Donah48.

This figure of just over $2.8m for the Golden Eye is still somewhat in the shadows of the Chloe Diamond which still holds the record of being the largest round brilliant cut diamond ever put to auction at Sotherby’s in 2007 and received a staggering $16.2 million.

Whilst we don’t have any 43ct diamonds in stock at present, the largest diamond we currently have on offer is a stunning 3.32ct round brilliant cut polished diamond at a cost of 26,656 + VAT.