We all dream of the faultless proposal; perfect sunset, champagne flowing, romance in the air, with the crucial answer and the beautiful diamond engagement ring fitting perfectly on her finger. However at times it is impossible to know her size of finger without giving away the surprise.

Of course every person’s fingers are different in size and we also have one hand bigger than the other, so unless her finger has been measured it is impossible to know what size to make the ring.

Diamond engagement rings need to be sized in a certain way to ensure firstly the diamond is secure and secondly ensuring the band still feels and looks faultless. When rings are made from either platinum or 18ct gold, a manufacturer needs to spend the minimum time on the ring as applying intensive heat on the ring will not only weaken the strength of it but can also cause damage.

If the size is unknown, we recommend the ring is ordered as I don’t know which will instruct us to make the ring stock size (stock size = approximately L/M). Once the successful proposal has been made, we offer to size your diamond engagement ring free of charge as long as the ring has been ordered stock size. If you ordered a specific size and it does not fit perfectly and needs altering, we can size the ring at a minimal charge of 40 including VAT.

If however the proposal is not a surprise, there are a few various methods in order to obtain the correct finger size;

1. Contact us for a free complimentary finger sizer
2. Make an appointment to visit our London Showroom (by appointment only)
3. Visit 2 different independent retail jewellers.