Not much of a revelation, but still, it is fun to note that this does often seem to be the case. The bigger the ‘star’ or celebrity is, in terms of media coverage and how much they like or allow it, and simply the bigger the star, the bigger their engagement rings are…more specifically, often, there is one enormous central diamond, erm, rock.

So, personality insights then this time round? Yep… A novice attempt to find parallels and the odd ones out as the weeks go on… Here are a few recent examples to prove my point…

Uh, oh, uh, oh..guess who, so, take a look at Beyonce’s Enormous stone.

Then these ladies… in the last few years it’s been hard to get out of bed each morning without hearing something about the oh-so-famous Kardashians! So, here are two examples…

I wouldn’t want to disappoint those avid fans amongst you. I also have to admit that Khloe’s is really amazing.

Yes, there is the rock but look, it sits very well on her finger. Finally, a genius designer maker who realised that three arms might be needed to hold something that size and stop it from doing what all the others do. Flop.






Finally, little Pixie…

Aw, not so little any more and remind me, what does she do exactly these days?

Anyway, she’s always being snapped at something or other and quite likes the limelight.

Here’s the ring, Never mind if the actual marriage is going to work….

There are a lot more where these came from so we will continue on this subject in a future blog post!