Well, if the three examples from celeb land are anything to go by, I would happily leave my fine jewellery buying to my man!

It seems that the reasons for their good choices range from the fact that they are control freaks, creative types or romantic types..all in that order in the case of the three gents below….

It appears that Justin Timberlake took full charge of what would eventually sit on Jessica Biel’s engagement finger. It also seems that she was happy to let it be that way knowing how meticulous he is about important matters. And I think he did a great job. How lovely that there is just a touch of colour and that the whole thing doesn’t go mad. It is after all a bit of a busy ring but somehow the small stones with deep colours create the perfect aesthetic balance…

Yes, yes, back to Brad n Ang! Her ring is amazing… it’s almost like a pregnant eternity ring. Get it..Huge central stone… Oh well, however you choose to describe it, it is technically stunning! Brad worked on the design with jeweller and friend Robert Procop…and it came in at a bargain! Just over 150,000. Well, lucky Angelina….

And ok, ok, I know in my first blog on celebs I said that I refused to mention the royal pair but hey, credit where it’s due. I know many of you are split in terms of whether you would want your mother in law’s previous ring but clearly the thinking was all from the heart in this case… awwwwww. Plus, hey, it happens to be a beautiful 18 ct sapphire and not something to be sniffed at. Interestingly, another ring (sort of) chosen by the man which has blue in it….

All in all, “let’s hear it for the boys” on this occasion!