It’s all very well having a million dollar diamond engagement ring but, quite frankly, have you ever seen one on a celebrity that actually sits nicely?!… I exaggerate slightly, but in the main, those real monster rings simply don’t sit well.

Gorgeous stones and all they certainly are. Quite simple designs too in many cases. Their wow factor does mainly come from that enormous single stone or central stone… but, it doesn’t help that often, these are rather slim ladies with slim fingers… take a look at these ladies’ diamond ‘armour’ and you’ll see what I mean.

Paris Hilton… hmm, is this really nice on her?

Angelina Jolie, what a stunning and different ring. Really stands out, but again,with such weight, gravity ain’t going to do this one any favours.

Kate Hudson’s is another ‘plus size’ engagement ring example.

I’m not saying I’d turn any of these down as a gift mind you, neither would you, but my point is simply, why have a diamond ring that sits on your hand every day ( of your life ideally) that can neither be admired properly because it is always off centre, and that in turn doesn’t do much to highlight our hands? And, can such a huge right possibly be comfortable if it is falling left and right with any movement?

So ladies and gents, it’s nice to know that those of us who can’t afford a house worth of diamond, can at least pick up some nice ideas re design (diamond shapes and cuts etc) and then get a diamond engagement ring that will sit perfectly on us.

Next week: A few celeb rings that DO sit well!