Yes, sorry about the title, it makes it sound like I’m about to discuss those somewhat nasty earrings with sequined pumpkins that you can pick up in superstores and that look like Christmas decor gone bling (and wrong)… No no, there is a whole host of stuff that one could theoretically call Halloween jewellery because of the modern imagery associated with this yearly occasion but in fact, some of these items and styles have been around for over a 100 years! (and more in some cases).

Flies, spiders, frogs, birds with nests, bats, batwings etc… Who first really loved those? The Victorians. The Victorian era was all about celebrating the new scientific understanding of flora, fauna and animals associated with these. It was the period of Darwin and many aspects of the natural world were discussed, questioned and erm, then used within fashion and jewellery no less.

Many of these items are technical replicates of the real insect, beautifully crafted and set with gorgeous tiny stones and diamonds. Attend any jewellery auction and you will find these in abundance. Walk down some of the beautiful old shopping arcades and old jewellers will have them.

It’s not just the bygone eras that celebrated this style though…you can hardly walk past modern big name designers and jewellers without seeing skulls and spiders these days. If you haven’t noticed, you obviously walk around with your eyes closed. They are so ‘in’. Black diamond encrusted skulls and all sorts of wonderfully gemmed ápieces are on offer, and for quite a hefty price in some cases. Luckily there are also more reasonably prices pieces…

So, in fact, if you are a lover of all things natural, then actually Halloween is the perfect time of year to take out these amazing old or new jewels and show them off! And as with many other such occasions in the UK,you can get them out today and wear them for a few weeks yet, not just at the end of next week.

If you love the idea of having a piece of fine jewellery that is a tad edgier and more unusual than most do, then this is also the perfect moment to consider getting something made for yourself. You may fancy a tarantula type spider pendant and you may have just the colour scheme in mind..your colour scheme, that you don’t or won’t find elsewhere. So, get your own bespoke piece made then.

Nowadays, anything goes and there certainly are special moments and places for unusual pieces… are You a ‘spidergirl’?