How does one choose which certification to appertain when buying the perfect diamond?

What is a diamond certificate? A diamond certificate is an opinion as to the quality of the diamond. The measurements of the diamond (i.e. carat weight, dimensions) cannot be disputed however the colour and quality can have different results depending who has graded them. There are various independent certification institutes around the world who grade loose diamonds.

Some institutes are more stringent on their grading than others and whilst the quality and dimensions of the stone are imperative, regardless of what the certificate reads, it does not specify the wow factor of the diamond. The Diamond Ring Company recommend viewing any stone before purchasing to ensure you fall in love with your diamond.

The Diamond Ring Company’s showroom in the centre of London’s diamond industry is open for private appointments to view your chosen ring and diamond before purchasing. Please contact us to make a private appointment.

GIA (The Gemological Institute of America). Without doubt the most recognized and foremost authority of diamonds in the World. GIA is a charitable, non profit organisation with their head office in California.

IGI (The International Gemological Institute). With offices all round the world including New York, Antwerp, Dubai, Hong Kong, Tel Aviv, IGI have become an established name in the diamond certification industry.

HRD (Hoge Raad voor Diamant). Founded in Antwerp in 1973 as a private foundation to represent the Belgium diamond industry. Offices throughout the world including China, India and the Middle East.

EGL (European Gemological Laboratory). Various office locations including Belgium, London, Seoul, Johannesburg with their Head Office in Tel Aviv Israel.