Welcome to the new series where we highlight the top choices by our customers in each category of engagement ring, and I hazard a semi-intelligent guess at why these are the preferred pieces… I hope some of the points help you make your important choice…

Emilie Round Let’s start with the classic solitaire
Single stone, simply and meticulously set in a simple metal shank.

Of the top three, my favourite has to be the Emilie Round. It quite literally is a classic modern solitaire with a twist! It is slim, sleek, elegant and very feminine.

The twist reaching up to the claws allows maximum light to hit the diamond. Great if you don’t have a very large stone and even better for the visual effect if you do. And you certainly won’t be wearing just another good ol’ solitaire…

Leon Round Next, and quite a different look the Leone Round.

The Leon Round is a spectacular diamond ring with its bold squared off claw setting, there is something very ‘strong’ about this ring.

It is indeed quite boxy and the diamond sits quite proud and ‘secure’ protected within the four square claws.

The lady with this engagement ring says “I am modern and bold but want something still fairly timeless”…

Alicia Round Finally, the Alicia Round

If you like the diamond to stand high on your hand, this is the one for you. The style is a bit of a nod to some early 1900s rings but with the strong V pattern formed by the six claws holding the stone, it is clearly not your granny’s ring.

Although it sits high, you won’t need to worry about taking it on and off. The diamond is well protected….

If you think you’re a solitaire lady, then next up… A few more solitaires but with additional style elements!