So, continuing on from my ‘Classics’ post, here are more solitaires but with a little bit more going on… or just some additional details that make these a little different from the very classic four claw or bezel solitaire.

Berenice red gold

First, the Berenice Round. The mere fact that this ring has six claws makes it different.

It is classic since it is a solitaire but quite bold (note the thickness of the claws and width of shoulders) and yet feminine thanks to that entwined look just under the stone where both shoulders meet.

It has great detail too, such as the V shaped base upon which the diamond sits.

Eden round ring
Next, the Eden Round. Here now some seriously nice work going on around the diamond itself. Firstly, there is the split shoulder, the bottom part of which does not just go simply from one side to the other but has two graduated sides that meet right under the diamond.

Think two hands reaching out and touching… aaww. The nicest detail is that the diamond is set within four opposite corners (north, south, east, west) to give the ring a unique dimension. It is open from all sides allowing the diamond to sparkle to its maximum and show off its true beauty.
Georgine round red goldFinally, the Georgine Round… which I view as the older sister, with a stronger attitude, compared to the Emilie Round mentioned last week.

This ring features that same very special twist where the shoulders meet at diagonally opposite sides of the diamond setting. Yet, this one is thicker, whereas the Emilie is more dainty but also sharper because of its very slim shoulders.

The Georgine appears to sit slightly lower and ‘firmer’ in the ring. It’s not one you see often. Lovely!


There you have it. All our nicest solitaire rings covered but of course many more to choose from so browse away… For those who want more going on, a little additional sparkle and such, next week, I’ll be doing the diamond set shoulder rings.