Did you know….

The eternity band came into existence as a way of getting small (well, a quick read on good old Wiki left me quite surprised as this much loved ring has an unusual birth.

A large and well known diamond company from South Africa had promised to buy most of the Soviet diamonds in the 60’s as part of an interesting business agreement. This meant that along with the big and shiny stuff, came the small stones unusable for single stone engagement rings. Enter the “full” eternity idea, a ring with stones set entirely around the band. Funnily enough, it was aimed at the ‘older lady’ who already purchased her engagement ring and wedding band.

Boy, haven’t things changed since then?! Nowadays, a really nice eternity, full or “half” (ie. band is only part set with diamonds, normally half way round) is much coveted and often any excuse to get one is given (anniversary, birth of baby, or when it feels you have been married for an eternity).

Whilst round polished diamonds were and are still mainly used ( they do have a nice sparkle), the tend these days is towards other cuts such as princess cut diamonds ( square shaped). As the princesses are cut at ‘right-angles’, they sit flush against each other in the band, therefore giving an extra dimension to the sparkle of the ring. You are wearing one long line of diamonds…perhaps a little expensive, but hey, there’s something rather gorgeous and decadent about having a whole band of beautiful diamonds around one’s finger.

Which would you like?