Welcome to our new mini series where I explain quite blatantly how gorgeous a certain piece of our jewellery is and why you want it!

First off, one of our new pieces, the Cateline diamond engagement ring. It is both stunning and yet immensely wearable. As you can see, yes, it does have diamonds on both the shoulders and on the bezel surrounding the central diamond but, all is in proportion- The total weight of all the little stones is 0.35ct. The quality of the stones ie. clarity and colour, will match your central stone. Hence, these are all accents (and fine little ones too) that serve to vamp up the ring but not take attention away from your main diamond. It’s a bit like a traditional solitaire engagement ring dressed up for a rather nice dinner.

The claw setting is a nod towards the traditional and, for some, the much preferred look for a diamond engagement ring.

The design is such that it can sit flush with any of our diamond set or plain wedding bands. So, you can have even more diamond colour flashes going on, to complement your Cateline, or just choose a simple band that purely lets the ring stand out against it.

However you look at this ring, it has so many characteristics that make it one of the most appealing you’ll come across anywhere. It is ‘that bit more’ but not over the top…modern, yet classic…

As with all our engagement rings, it comes in all three golds, so whatever your skin tone and whatever subtle style difference you want, you can have!

Cateline engagement ring  Cateline red gold engagement ringCateline yellow gold engagement ring