Thank you Lisa Stansfield. Yes, a very cool song and funnily enough, it’s what most diamonds in our jewellery would say to us if they could.

Were you aware, especially if you live in Europe, that the diamonds in your engagement ring to be or other jewellery have been in at least three other countries before making their way onto your person?

  1. they are found somewhere.
  2. Most of the uncut stones are traded in exchanges somewhere else.
  3. they are sent off for cutting and polishing
  4. they are sent on to a whole host of diamond merchants, gem dealers or jewellers.
  5. If in the hands of merchants, then now they end up at the jewellers where you get your paws on them.

diamond map

Here’s is a brief summary, but not exhaustive list, of the geographic route of these steps.

Nowadays, depending on various factors, your diamonds could stem from South Africa (Botswana mainly), Namibia, Russia, or of late, Canada. They will often be traded at the two main exchanges based in London and Antwerp.

Then many stay in Antwerp (famous since post WW2), and others are sent to India, Thailand and Israel for cutting and polishing. India manufactures the largest amount since most small sones are cut and polished there and the larger ones in Antwerp and Israel.

From these places they are then sent onto just about anywhere in the world…

And eventually to The Diamond Ring Company… and presumably soon into your collection once you’ve chosen the lovely diamond piece you were here to look for!