Hatton Garden really is the centre of the universe, for jewellery that is! In all sincerity, it is THE place to go in all the UK if you are looking to do research on or buy your diamond engagement ring and/ or wedding bands. There can’t be anywhere else like it (apart from the gold souk in Dubai perhaps) where there is the same density of bling per square metre.

Hatton garden map For those not yet searching for your nuptial armour, you should go anyway. I get quite a buzz every time I am in the area. It’s a bit like knowing I’m near a secret iceberg. What? Well, it’s not actually the shop fronts that you see that make Hatton Garden what it is, but rather what you don’t.

Many of the inconspicuous large front doors house behind them labyrinthine networks of showrooms, shops, tiny and huge jewellery making workshops and anything else you can imagine that makes the gem and jewellery trade tick. You need to get to one of those to really understand what the area is about. We, the Diamond Ring Company have our workshop here, as you might expect. Only the best location, surrounded by all we need, to make the most beautiful pieces for our clients, ourselves.

Just watching people darting about wondering whether they are carrying diamonds for delivery from one supplier to a workshop… Wondering whether a nearly finished article is being taken from one place to another for the final touch before it is given as a huge surprise to the lucky recipient that night.. It’s just as much fun people watching (and eavesdropping) as it is looking at alllllllll that there is to see walking up, down,around and behind the main stretch.

And, you’d only be following in the footsteps of thousands of people since Hatton Garden has been a jewellery making hub since the medieval period. This area really has a lot of history and credibility behind it… The name ÔÇÿHatton GardenÔÇÖ is derived from the garden of the Bishop of Ely, which was given to Sir Christopher Hatton by Elizabeth I in 1581, during a vacancy of the see (-thank you Wikipedia).

Once you’re done with gem and jewel ogling (is that possible?) then you can stroll to Ely Place, just near by, escape all and go back in time. There you will find the oldest Roman Catholic Church in England- St Ethelreda’s..

Then, having cleared your mind, you can come back and visit us at The Diamond Ring Company meeting room or workshop! Michael or Matt will be very pleased to help.