Ok, nearly… I mean natural… Four out of seven, but hey, who’s counting?.. That’s if we compare to the exact rainbow colours, but, if we were to replace orange with pink, that would make five and if we replace indigo with brown, that’s six, then black instead of violet and there you have it. Seven diamond colours, just like a rainbow… Thanks for letting that one pass!

The point is, everyone knows the classic “colourless” diamond. Many people who have done research and learned about them before buying heir diamond engagement ring or other big considered purchase even know about the famous ‘Four Cs’… How the cost changes as the colour and clarity does etc..

But, did you know that there are natural diamonds in all of the colours mentioned above?

Natural diamond colours

You have most likely heard of at least pink and yellow. Pink was made famous some years ago because of the rock David Beckham gave Victoria. In the market of fine diamond jewellery, these are by far the most expensive. These come exclusively from the Argyle mine in Australia.

The red, green and blue colours are simply so rare that good examples are only found at auction or in museums. Have you been to the Vault at the Natural History Museum in London. Fabulous diamonds!

As for yellow, well, these are about a quarter of the price of the pinks in the smaller sizes and the Canary Yellow is the colour made famous by some big jewellery houses in the last century.

As for the browns,there is a whole spectrum with names that range from Champagne to Sherry. They give you a good idea of what the colours are like.
Black has also only recently been made ‘big’ by celebrities. It’s a tricky one. There is a lot of nasty black jewellery around but also some amazing designs can be seen.

As mentioned previously, if you’re thinking of something ‘bespoke’, you may want to come down to our Hatton Garden workshop and see if Michael or Matt can introduce yo to something a bit unusual on the diamond front!