That’s today’s big question and I think that even in our very modern world, many people, woman and men, are divided on that topic. As with every form of self adornment, there will always be those who look extremely attractive in either non conventional or even outlandish gear but looking at the more general side of mens’ jewellery, I do feel the need to ask if the average man can actually wear jewellery and look good ( last two words italicised people).

Let’s start with a breakdown… the most obvious of mens’ jewellery often seen around are: the leather type neck thongs, leather or metal bracelets, chunky rings. Then there is the single ear stud diamond earning… the oh so desirable young man look of the 80’s and revamped and rather ‘bigged up’ by many celebrities wearing enormous colourless or black diamonds these days….Finally, if we include cufflinks then you would probably say ‘but then of course all men can wear them!’. Well, not so…
Starting in reverse order- to wear cufflinks, especially some of the incredible pieces of near art that one can acquire nowadays, the man needs to have the style and posture to wear a nice shirt, on which to display those cuffs. Not just any shirt since both the weave and cut of shirt can make a difference..hence, my answer is that even cufflinks can be a little tricky and need a man who properly thinks about sartorial matters.

Next, the single stud. Quite frankly, unless you happen to have the look and attitude, not to mention general clothing tendencies of a rapper / celebrity etc. , then probably best not to go there. That doesn’t mean that a small and subtle stud can’t look good on a man with slightly longer dishevelled hair or a surfer type, but I just can’t see it working with the Aquascutum pinstripe suit somehow.

Perhaps the ‘safest’ of all- anything on the wrists, leather or otherwise. The louder and darker the item, obviously, the more it requires that the rest of the look match it. However, a simple rubber/ leather /silk type bracelet with perhaps a heavy silver or titanium clasp system and a few beads or other hanging item floating along it can nearly work on everyone, provided ( and this is probably key to any item) the man feels good wearing it. Such a piece can after all be hidden under the end of the shirt sleeve when not appropriate and worn freely when the man is in a T.

Now-probably the trickiest of pieces- the necklace. And boy is there a lot of choice nowadays and rather some bad looks too. Mr Depp clearly knows his necklaces and much enjoys wearing them and, wears them well. However, does the average guy really know when to take off that somewhat choker like thing that he bought in Bali and which has faded a bit but still makes him feel summer sexy?….and replace it with a 60/70 cm long oxidized silver chain with a funky medallion hanging off the end…. or put on that 40 cm length classic necklace with a cross that his fiancee bought him from the designer jeweller…hmmm. I am not at all convinced. The trouble is that unless it really is that thin gold chain that you got as a graduation present and which you never take off because it’s just part of you, then gents, you need to match your jewellery to your clothes and general self style just as much as the lady next to you does.

Finally, rings, oh, and how could I have forgotten, we’ll finish with watches. Rings, just as with women, sausage fingers, for example,need something that has heft and weight and girth. Not that a man is likely to be wearing some delicate little micro pave set eternity ring but still, you get the idea. Shape of fingers counts too. Roundish rings v angular ones v something with a pattern or a central stone- many styles and shapes to consider, so do try things on, ideally with a jewellery knowledgeable female friend please. A ring is not just a ring. It needs the right finger and (in italics) the right hand.

Watches- what an incredible array of them there are these days. The mind does boggle at the choice, the sizes and the price ranges. I know that big watches are and have been all the rage for some years now but warning to all slim types and even the metrosexuals out there who can wear the bracelets, earrings and necklaces- a huge watch will just look silly on you if you are very slim wristed. Let your body size and structure help you determine what works. Fashion won’t do that.

All in all, you may have gathered that even though I much appreciate what can be bought nowadays for a man, it’s not the items that I am too concerned, it’s more the man!