gift for a dateSo you’ve bagged yourself a hot date, you’ve sorted out what you’re going to wear (not the Hawaiian shirt or purple flares please), and you’ve even booked a table at that restaurant you’ve been dying to try (but were too scared to dine alone). This is all excellent news, but there’s one thing you’ve forgotten – the all important matter of buying a gift for your date.

Yep. Dating is full of weird and wonderful rules – don’t call until at least two days after the actual date else you’ll look desperate – being one. But these days, you’ve also got to navigate your way around the present-giving world. Should you buy a gift for a first date, or will that look a bit, erm, too keen? What about a second date? Ok, so let’s lay some ground rules down. While it’s fine to buy your date a gift, it’s best not to turn up brandishing a diamond ring before you’ve found out her second name.

First Date Gifts

If you want to impress your date, show them how thoughtful you are, and how generous you can be, a little gift is a great way of doing this. But do think ‘small’. Don’t spend loads else it’ll most probably freak your date out. A small bunch of flowers or some chocolates are fine – yes they’re cliches, but they’re also a nice gesture and you don’t want to look like you’ve spent too much time deciding what to buy. Arriving with a box full of loose diamonds would just be weird!

Second Date Gifts

If you want to try a bit harder and aren’t scared about looking too eager, then try and think of a gift that will mean something to your date. Think back to where you went on your first date, what you did, what you talked about, and see if there’s something you can use from those thoughts to create a gift for your date. If you’re creative, you could make something – a photo in a photo frame of a place that means something to you could score you top marks. What’s more, every time your date sees it, she’ll remember your time shared together there. Sneaky, sneaky! But it all helps put you in a positive light and, before you know it, you’ll have found yourself with a permanent place in your date’s heart. Result!

Things to Consider

Once you’ve made it past the first few dates and you’re looking for something a little more meaningful than the standard flowers and chocolates, the most important thing to think about is the person you’re buying for. A diamond ring for a girl who you’ve actually never seen wear any jewellery won’t exactly be a hit, but they may like to wear a lovely pendant or diamond earings!. Likewise, cuff links for a fella who works in a supermarket will hardly prove useful. So take your time, and figure out what that special gift is that will make your date melt in your arms. Sadly, there is no ‘one size fits all gift’ but try thinking creatively and outside of the norm and you’re bound to impress.