It’s April and time to draw your attention to one of best pieces, the Lucia Round diamond solitaire pendant necklace.

This is our real ‘every girl must have’ piece. Wear every day, wear all day, day to night, night to day.. ok, ok, I’ll stop there… diamond pendant. To be honest, if there is one piece of diamond jewellery you must have (apart from your diamond engagement ring of course..from us ideally), this is it!

The details

As you can see below, the Lucia Round is an all in one pendant and necklace piece. The brilliant cut diamond is in a rubover setting and this round pendant has its own chain that threads behind the diamond.

We love this because

There is something very ‘complete’ about the look of a pendant and necklace that are a set ie. it is not just a pendant sitting on any old chain. The rubover setting gives this a very sleek and modern and soft look. It is just so wearable! (as I subtly alluded to at the start). With the choice of necklace length, and depending on the diamond size chosen, this piece sits very well on just about any frame. And, as with all our pieces, since you can have your pick of gold (white, yellow or red), there is also no skin tone that this piece will not sit beautifully on.

And for just over 500, you can get a very decent third of a carat! Now, that should be something you can treat yourself to in some months surely? Worth saving a few more months to get a bigger one as this will, I promise, be one of your staples for the rest of your jewellery wearing life! Trust me.

Lucia Round White Gold Lucia Round Yellow Gold Lucia Round Red Gold